About Lou's Naturals

Lou’s Naturals is the flagship for the umbrella of our ever growing brands. We wanted to create an identity that would relate all of our brands. Each brand under Lou’s Naturals represents different cuisines that are all natural to its truest definition; free of antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives and artificial ingredients.
Using our company president’s name, Lou, shows the relationship between all of our brands. Our company began with Lou’s vision of creating a product that could be trusted, and a company based on family values. We want you to know that Lou is still active in our daily operations. The identity concept conveys a feeling of comfort, pureness, and homemade. We wanted the keep the logo simple, just like our products!

Our Core Values

Wellshire Farms was built on the belief of one true family and partnership. Our moral and social obligation is to our farmers, processors, business associates, customers, employees, and our local community. WE ARE WELLSHIRE.

Customer Service is top priority. There is uncompromised passion to meet the evolving wants, needs, and well being of our customers. Change is embraced as a means for new and innovative thinking.  OUR CUSTOMERS ARE THE VOICE OF WELLSHIRE.

Wellshire is not just a product but a healthy way of life!

Our Philosophy

Our founder, Louis B. Colameco III started the company in 1996 for one main reason: he was concerned that his own children were eating way too many meat products that were over processed with no health benefits or nutritional value. It occurred to him that in order to live well, you must eat well. Thus the beginning of Wellshire Farms. Not only are the products loaded with nutritional value, they are made of the highest quality meat products, they are competitively priced, and guaranteed fresh! Wellshire Farms products can be found in stores nationwide, such as Whole Foods Markets and other health minded food outlets.

Quality Control

Historically, quality has always been a key element in what makes up the corporate character of Wellshire Farms. In a very real sense, every employee at Wellshire has a share in assuring an elevated level of quality in every product. However, Lou envisioned a quality assurance (QA) department that was specifically entrusted with spotlighting the issue of quality.

Our labels clearly state that the products are All Natural with nothing artificial and that there is minimal processing with no added preservatives. These standards are maintained by securing and monitoring the best natural poultry and live stock growers available. All growers and suppliers must submit supporting documents to substantiate the All Natural claims that are kept on file in our main office. This assures the purchaser that the labeled product is free of antibiotics, growth stimulants, chemical additives and irradiated spices. The statement: "no preservatives, minimally processed", guarantees the purchaser that the product is free of nitrates and other preservatives that have been chemically extracted. Preservation of the product is achieved through fully cooking, vacuum packaging, proper refrigeration, and inventory control.

Third-party audits for each of our vendor-partners are reviewed and corrective actions are verified. Each year a member of the QA Team will visit each of our vendors to verify corrective actions, raw materials and labels. In addition, the QA Team will complete a plant walk-through to verify the condition of the plant, processes and personnel. Each new third-party audit is carefully reviewed and then discussed with the vendor. Most of our vendors score above 95% on their audits, and almost half of them have elected to use the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) audit protocols. Products are tested to verify absence of pathogens, claims, and nutritional information. This assures the consumer that USDA standards have been met or exceeded from start to finish.

Animal Friendly Practice

Our farmers who raise the animals for Wellshire Farms adhere to the highest of standards. We strive to use only the small, family owned, sustainable farms to raise our beef, pork and poultry. All of our family farms subscribe to a land stewardship program that protects the purity of the farmland from pollution and water run-off. All farms are audited by independent third party agencies to guarantee animal compassion and proper raising practices are adhered to at all times. All of the animals are never administered growth stimulants or antibiotics during their life and no animal by-products are ever used in the feed. This is our definition of an All-Natural meat product. We start our nutritional process with providing the finest beef, pork and poultry available.

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