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Many stores today have entirely too many products on their shelves with artificial ingredients. Not only that, but many people, especially children are allergic to these additives and preservatives causing mental and physical health problems. Food intolerances are related to the weakening of the immune system. When the weaknesses become chronic, that is when an allergy may develop. By eating our meat products as part of your everyday diet, you can control and prevent many food allergies that may have an adverse effect on you.

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Gluten Lactose Corn Pepper Casein Dairy All Nuts & Tree Nuts Soy Garlic Mustard

Feingold Stage 1 Feingold Stage 2

(71157) Thick Range Sliced Dry Rub Bacon

Allergen Information:

  • Contains Gluten?No
  • Contains Lactose?No
  • Contains Corn?No
  • Contains Pepper?Yes
  • Contains Casein?No
  • Contains Dairy?No
  • Contains Nuts?No
  • Contains Soy?No
  • Contains Garlic?No
  • Contains Mustard?No
  • Fully Cooked?No
  • Feingold Stage 1?Yes
  • Feingold Stage 2?No
This thick-sliced selection showcases the classic flavor and texture that your taste buds crave come breakfast-time - garnering YouTube kudos for its crunch and delicious-ness! Our all natural pork bacon is carefully crafted from humanely-raised animals fed wholesome vegetarian grains with no antiobiotics. With 40 percent less fat than the USDA reports in most bacons, and always made with no nitrates or nitrites.

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