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Our Wellshire brand is made up of 100% All Natural beef, pork and poultry products that are free of preservatives, nitrites, nitrates and artificial ingredients. This product line consists of bacon, sausage, lunch meat, hot dogs, and hams. As always the livestock is vegetarian fed with no steroids or growth promoting hormones. As of January 1, 2008, our Wellshire brand is sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market. Feel Great, Eat Well!
We have taken our most popular items from the Wellshire label and added them to the Lou's Garrett Valley Naturals brand so we can reach more customers and provide them with products that allow them to feel great by eating well. Lou's Garrett Valley Naturals: Always in Good Taste...Naturally!
For the more sophisticated taste buds, we would like to introduce you to our Colameco's Primo Naturale Brand of dried products. Each authentic product is hand crafted, hand turned and air-dried in our Old World drying rooms where our craftsman monitor the temperature and air flow at all times. You will not find a more flavorful, perfectly seasoned and dried product than Colameco's Primo Naturale. 
Colameco’s Gourmet Meals is a line of one of a kind Italian style products that are renowned for their superior flavor and culinary versatility. For generations the Colameco recipes have been used to create some of the finest tasting Italian products ever served. From our family to yours- choose Colameco’s Gourmet Meals.
Homestyle Meals builds its menu on the finest tradition we know, the tradition of good old fashioned home cooking. Our products are all-natural, fully cooked, the meats are not subjected to steroids or antibiotics and they contain no preservatives, nitrites or nitrates- resulting is safe delicious meals every time! Doesn’t everyone deserve a homestyle meal?
The Lou’s Famous line of skinless chicken sausages are chock full of robust seasonings and fresh herbs. When you cut into these handcrafted sausages- the sausages explode with juice and taste! We have expanded our Lou's Famous brand to Lou's Organic condiments such as Cocktail Sauce, Horseradish, Horseradish Mustard, Tartar Sauce, and Dill Mustard. They are made from hand ground organic horseradish. Lou's Organic condiments are Certified Kosher and USDA Organic.
Our Wellshire Kids line provides alternatives such as chicken and turkey products that are easier for kids to digest. Adults love the Wellshire Kids choices because they are packed with beneficial nutritional value, and kids love them because they are fun and taste great!  Who knew that there was a healthy alternative to all of the fun kids foods? Thanks Wellshire!
Wellshire Organic uses the same great exclusive Wellshire recipes but includes the added benefits of 100% organic ingredients. We pride ourselves in using small family farmers and processors that are focused on providing the highest quality products on the organic market today.
We have taken our best recipes from Wellshire Farms, and put them under the Woodstown Farms label for Canadian Export. All labels under the Woodstown Farms brand use a dual label of both French and English for easy translation. Woodstown Farms’ quality is unmatched as each of our partners brings a heritage of exclusive recipes, individual flavors and unique tastes to Canada!
Global Gourmet products are unique in several ways. Aside from great taste, all natural ingredients and handcrafting, our products evoke the true flavors and textures of the cultures they represent. Get your World pass to great taste- Welcome to Global Gourmet!

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