All Natural Meats

Our Philosophy & Core Values

Our Philosophy

Our founder, Louis B. Colameco III, ventured into the meat industry in 1996 for one main reason: he was concerned that his own children were eating too many meat products that were over processed with no health benefits or nutritional value. It occurred to him that in order to live well, you must eat well. Thus, the establishment of Lou’s Naturals. This beginning was not just a creation or start of a company, but of a healthy way of life.


Our Product Core Values

  • All of our family of brands’ products are hand crafted the same way.
  • They are all made with the highest quality of ingredients that are all natural, humanely raised and fed a vegetarian diet and do not contain preservatives, artificial ingredients, antibiotics, growth promoting hormones, nitrates or nitrites.
  • They are all competitively priced and guaranteed fresh.

Our Customer Core Values

To make these wholesome products, Lou’s Naturals was built on the belief of one true family and partnership. We believe in these Customer Core Values:
  • Our moral and social obligation is to our farmers, processors, employees, business associates, customers and local community.
  • Customer Service is our top priority. There is an uncompromised passion to meet the evolving wants, needs and overall well being of our customers. We embrace their interests and believe that change is a means for new and innovative thinking.
Lou’s Naturals family of brands can be found in stores nationwide, such as Whole Foods Markets and other health minded food outlets.

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